TaylorMade P7MC: Is Something Really Changing?

Summer 2020, TaylorMade updates its ranges of clubs for the best players, and in particular, the new P7MC replacing the previous P750, already a "cavity back" blade. Aside from the design, has the Carlsbad brand really changed anything about this irons? Is a Cavity Back blade really that hard for an amateur to play? What are the significant differences with a classic Muscle Back series?

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Compared to the previous P750, notably used by the last winner of the PGA Championship 2020, Collin Morikawa , the new P7MC presents a more sober back, with a more discreet presence of the TaylorMade logo.

As a reminder that this is indeed a CB blade, the P7MC retains the groove pattern on its back, but the TaylorMade name has largely disappeared, leaving room for only a modest and discreet logo, such as only trace of belonging.

Beyond this single consideration of the naming of the product, or the discreet presentation of the brand, the “back” of this club is the main element of distinction.

Unlike a classic so-called Muscle Back (MB) blade, a CB for Cavity Back has a precisely "hollowed out" back, not a "full" one.

Concretely, the maker or the more noble term "craftman", removes a little material after the forging step, which paradoxically should bring a little more tolerance in the strike.

Matt Bovee, TaylorMade Engineer explains, “1025 carbon steel is forged using a 2 ton press, resulting in a tighter, more compact grain structure for the strongest feel. and as constant as possible. "

It is important to define what is tolerance to golf ... because it is not this parameter that really plays, but rather the loft.

There is no such thing as a more tolerant club which would mean easier to play.

Tolerance is a misinterpretation of a simple ratio: Ball speed to clubhead speed.

You generate a swing, and a speed of your own. The club head when it

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